This award is named for María Braun, founding partner and president of MBC Mori, one of the founders of WAPOR Latin America, Honorary President, and founder of RLOP journal.

Below is María’s dedication of the award:

As founder and editor for several years of the Revista Latinoamericana de Opinión Pública (RLOP), I seek to contribute to the development of this publication with an award for the best work published in RLOP in 2021. I founded the RLOP in 2008, encouraged by Cesar Aguiar, a very dear and highly respected Uruguayan colleague who died in 2011. Cesar said that a Latin American public opinion journal should exist, that a space must be created for it. First was an issue numbered “zero”; I found a lot of support and took on the editing and publication of 8 issues in paperback, one per year. For this, I had the collaboration of an academic council deluxe, with which turned the Wapor Latinoamérica congresses into an environment in which of research presentations and with the sponsorship, from number 6, from UNTREF. Currently RLOP is edited by Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca under the responsibility of Mariano Torcal and Ryan Carlin and publishes two issues per year.

An award for the best article published in the last year is a way, in my opinion, of contributing to the consolidation of the RLOP. The award will consist of US $ 500 for the best article published in 2021. My responsibility will be, in addition to the commitment to make an economic contribution each of the next 3 years, the formation of a jury over which I will preside. Without any doubt, a few intense months of valuable reading await me.