All manuscripts will go through an anonymous evaluation process carried out by two reviewers. Manuscripts in Spanish, English, or Portuguese can be reviewed, accepted and published in the language of submission.

Contributions sent to Revista Latinoamericana de Opinión Pública for consideration and evaluation should only be sent through our “eUSAL Revistas” (OJS) platform accessible from:

Submission for evaluation implies that this manuscript is an original research paper that has not been previously published in any format. Moreover, authors cannot submit manuscripts under review at another comparable journal or publication.

Manuscripts published as Working papers will only be considered if they differ from the published version to a significant degree; unmodified or works with only superficial changes will not be considered. In any case, authors should always inform the editors about the existence of such previous works; failure to do so disqualifies the manuscript from further consideration.

In the case of manuscripts submitted by more than three authors, the responsibility and contribution of each of them in the research that originates from the submission must be specified in the submission. The way authors are listed must also be specified. Authors should be listed in descending order of responsibility and contribution of each one of them

The Revista Latinoamericana de Opinión Pública will acknowledge receipt of all originals sent via email. Upon receipt, the Journal Editors and / or members of the Editorial Board will proceed to review the manuscript in order to determine if the work in question meets current and relevant requirements, as well as aspects related to issues of form established in the norms for the authors.

Once this stage is over, the articles will be submitted for evaluation by external reviewers through the double-blind method. This process will be anonymous, so it will be the task of the Editorial Board to guarantee the anonymization of the work subject to evaluation.

The goal of the Editors is to respond to the authors with the entire result of the evaluation within ten weeks of the notification of submissions, during which time the Board may not have communication with the author.

At the end of the evaluation, the Editorial Board will contact the author to indicate the status of the article. The qualification that a manuscript can receive is:

a) Publishable

b) Requires revision

c) Re-reviewable

d) Not publishable

If the result corresponds to b) or c), the comments of the reviewers will be sent to the author for review and incorporation into the text.

In the event that the recommended decisions of the reviewers are conflicting, the Editorial Board will resort to a third external reviewer who will determine, under the same qualification parameters, whether the article is publishable or not. In the case of a “revise and resubmit” decision, the author should address all the comments of previous reviews to be considered for publication. This means that once the authors make these corrections, the articles are sent back to the two more positive reviewers to be re-evaluated. If these two give the final approval, the author will be informed that his/her article will begin the editing process for final publication. The editors retain the right to intervene in the final decision process in the event that there is not a clear final decision provided by the reviewers. Once edited, the author will receive the article for final review. It is the author’s responsibility to give authorization for publication.

The final decision on the manuscripts submitted for review and publication to RLOP corresponds to the Editorial Board.


Manuscripts and editorial decisions in 2021

Desk rejection due to format or content 11.8%
Rejected 17.6%
Accepted 70.6%
Without decision yet 0.0%
Total (N) 17